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Cancer is not Triggered by Gadget Radiation

Cancer is not Triggered by Gadget Radiation - We often play with gadgets, whether phone or other gadget. Only our attachment with gadgets makes us a little afraid of the radiation produced by the gadget. Because "radiation from gadgets" danger to health.

Radiation oncology medical specialists from Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) Arie Munandar said radiation produced by the gadget up to now there is no relation to dangerous diseases such as cancer. Some scientific research suggests, the radiation from mobile phones has not been proven to produce cancer
Cancer is not Triggered by Gadget Radiation
Arie explained, all objects have radiation, including gadgets. But there are two types of radiation released earlier objects, ie non-ionic radiation and radiation ionasi. Both types of radiation have different effects on the body's cells.

"Radiation does not damage the non-ionic deoksiribonukleid acid (DNA) in the cell, so it does not trigger cancer., So that the radiation can damage DNA is ionasi,"
said Arie in a seminar to commemorate World Cancer Day on the theme 'Cancer, Did You Know?' Thursday (21/03/2013) yesterday in Jakarta.

In general, these objects emit only non-ionic radiation, as well as gadgets. Only certain objects can emit radiation ionasi include: CT scans, radiotherapy, and tools like. A large study in Denmark, said Arie, have examined about relationships using gadgets with a brain tumor.

The study involved about 400,000 participants who were followed for 20 years. As a result the researchers found no significant relationship to the risk of developing brain tumors. Other studies involving 5,000 participants also said there was no link between the use of gadgets in a long time with the disease of the brain.

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