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Heart rhythm disturbances trigger a stroke

Heart rhythm disturbances trigger a stroke - Heart rhythm disorders rarely felt and realized by the patient. Though this disorder is the trigger stroke. Approximately two out of five stroke events triggered by a rhythm disturbance or cardiac arrhythmias.

"Irregular Heart rate, too fast or too slow, causing turbulence of blood flow so easily raised blood clots that can lead to blockage," said dr. Daniel Tanubudi, SpJP, Head of Cardiology Department of Hospital Tangerang Eka Hospital, in a press conference cardiology symposium in Jakarta, Wednesday (13.02.13).
Heart rhythm disturbances trigger a stroke
To carry out its primary function as a blood pump, the heart has a "power house" and the cables that stimulate the heart to beat rhythmically or regularly. Damage to cables or power source will trigger arrhythmia.

Complaints due to cardiac arrhythmias commonly experienced by patients include a sense of tiredness, dizziness, tightness, chest pain, easy fainting, and heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat.

Normal heart rhythm is about 60-100 times per minute at rest. "To be able to calculate how to hold the pulse at the wrist," said Daniel.

Heart rhythm disorders mostly triggered by an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, irregular exercise, hypertension, lack of rest. But there are also caused by abnormalities in the body, such as interference with the heart valves or the "wiring" of the heart.

To diagnose heart rhythm disorders, there are a few checks that need to be done by patient, among others, record the heart (ECG), ultrasound examination of the heart (echocardiography), treadmill test, until Holter monitoring or recording equipment cardiac mounting for 24 to 48 hours.

Daniel said, heart rhythm disorders have not received the attention of the public. Care facilities and even then very little disease in Indonesia. "Only about 5 hospitals have the facility and almost entirely in Jakarta. Compared with South Korea which has a population of 40 million people, but there are 20 hospitals that can deal with this disease," he explained.

Now there are medicines for the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders. At a more complex level doctors will install a pacemaker temporary or permanent heart rhythm that is too slow.

According to Daniel, now available with the advanced technology catheterization techniques for making electricity the heart back to normal. The technology is called electrophysiology and cardiac ablation can see clearly but with very little exposure to radiation because it uses three-dimensional technology.

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