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Vegetarian Rarely Affected by Heart Disease

Vegetarian Rarely Affected by Heart Disease - Being vegetarian chosen by them who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid illness. One of the diseases that can be avoided is heart disease.

According to the study, the risk of vegetarianism for treatment or died of heart disease 32 percent lower.

The real benefit of a vegetarian diet that include lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and body weight maintained.
Vegetarian Rarely Affected by Heart Disease
Research on the link between heart disease with a vegetarian lifestyle is conducted involving 44 500 people in England and Scotland. Oxford University researchers analyzed data from 15,100 vegetarians, and 29,400 people are still eating meat and fish.

"The important message is very influential diet on heart disease," said Dr.Francesca Crowe.

Even so he did not advise everyone to become vegetarians. "A diet low in saturated fats such as those espoused vegetarianism makes them have low cholesterol levels and obesity," he said.

According to Tracy Parker of the British Heart Foundation, the results of this study can remind us of the importance of eating a balanced and varied, although we consume meat.

"Choosing to be a vegetarian is not a shortcut to avoid heart disease. Moreover, there are several vegetarian options which remain high in saturated fat and salt," says Parker.

He warned, if you intend to become a vegetarian, diet plan carefully so that we will not be lacking essential nutrients, such as iron are abundant in meat.

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