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Tricks to Eliminate Fat in Meat

Tricks to Eliminate Fat in Meat - You're on a diet, you will definitely avoid eating meat, because you are afraid of the fat in the meat.

"Actually, you need not fear fat, because the meat does not actually make you fat. Which makes fat is fat," said Veronique Droulez, Nutrition Manager Meat and Livestock Australia, Innovation Workshops at Regional Banquet in Jakarta, some time ago.
Tricks to Eliminate Fat in Meat
He added, the fat on the meat is quite a lot, which is about 13.9 grams per 100 grams of beef. To reduce the fat content in the meat, you have to trim all the fat meat thoroughly. Meat that has been cleaned (lean meat) was just leaving as much as 2.8 grams of fat per 100 grams of meat.

There is one trick that applied Veronique while eliminating the meats fat.

"Fatty meat is white and usually exist in some parts of the meat. However should only remove the white part on the surface of the meat alone,"
he advised.

Avoid cutting the white fat that still exist in the flesh, because it will make the meat be cut too small and does not match the size that you want.

Anyway a bit of fat in the meat will usually melt when heated. A little fat is what makes meat tasted more savory.

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