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How to Keep Meat | Beef Saving Tips

How to Keep Meat | Beef Saving Tips - Beef is one of the types of food favored by many people and it contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Beef also includes foods that can be combined for a variety of tasty and delicious preparations as well as durable. For maximum results consider the processed beef to save.
How to Keep Meat | Beef Saving Tips

"That is often a problem for many people is the proper storage of beef, so as not to lose its juices and remain good to eat,"
said Wanda Gunawan, Executive Sous Chef Plaza Hotel Jakarta told Compass Female, in the event Wagyu Beef Sunday Brunch at Java Restaurant , Hotel InterContinental MidPlaza, Sunday (1/15/2012) ago.

How to Keep Meat | Beef Saving Tips

According to Chef Wanda Gunawan, the temperature has an important influence in the storage of beef, which affects the freshness meats and durability. "The most optimal temperature to keep the meat is to a temperature of minus one degree Celsius," he explained.

Avoid storing beef in five degrees Celsius or more. Because of this temperature would be damaging the meat and allow meats could be contaminated with bacteria that exist in the refrigerator and the air outside. Five degrees is the optimum temperature for bacteria to multiply and poison the meats.

The best place to store the meats is: chiller and not in the freezer.
"Earlier this meat should be wrapped in plastic wrap to avoid contamination,"
he added.

Freezers should be avoided for storage of beef. When stored in a frozen state, no longer fresh and the meats becomes dry. If the meat too frozen, the meats juices will come out together with the melting of ice that exist in the frozen meat. This is what makes the meat was not fresh, not juicy, and the quality is declining. "And the worst, meats smelled sour," he concluded.

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