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Newborn infants (aged less than one month)

Newborn infants (aged less than one month)

What are the signs of a healthy baby when born?

1. Babies born to cry immediately.
2. The whole body of the baby pink.
3. Baby active.
4. Babies can suck nipple with great force.
5. Birth weight 2500 grams or more.

What was done on a newborn?

1. Give milk, do not give other foods. - As soon feed the baby within 30 minutes after birth to stimulate fast milk out (Ask the midwife / doctor how).
2. Breastfeed your baby as often as possible and whenever the baby wants.
3. The first breast milk contains antibodies out, not directly given to babies discharged.

What are the signs of ill babies?

1. Not wanting to feed.
2. Seizures.
3. Feet and hands felt cold or fever baby.
4. Yellow baby's body.
5. The umbilical cord was wet and smelly.
6. Movement of arms and legs are weak.

Father and mother must immediately bring the baby to the midwife/doctor if any of the above signs.

Infants and Children (aged 1 month to 5 years).

What are the signs of infant and child health?
1. Each month following the child's weight increases the green ribbon on the KMS.
2. Child development and intelligence increases according to age.
3. Children are rarely sick, happy, cheerful, active, energetic, and intelligent.
4. Give stimulation of development:

a. Hugs and buckle your baby with love as often as possible.
b. Hanging movable bright colors so the baby can see these objects.
c. Invite a baby smiling, talking and listening to music.

At one month old baby can:

1. Looking to mothers
2. Give voice
3. Smile
4. The arms and legs actively moving
5. Newborn health checked by the midwife/doctor at least two times:
6. Request for Hepatitis B immunization before the age of 7 days.
7. Ask for advice:
8. How to exclusive breastfeeding.
9. Keeping baby warm.
10. Caring for the umbilical cord.
11. How to stimulate growth.

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