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Vegetable foods that are not in though is the Best [Part II]

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MC: Mother next Chuter convey the dangers associated with consuming milk products.

Ms Chuter: For calcium, there is no irrefutable evidence that the state whose inhabitants eat most dairy products have the highest hip fracture rates. Be among the population of Americans who greedily drinking milk products like that, the rate of hip fracture is 98 per 100,000 population.

Among black men in Africa, the Bantu tribes in South Africa they basically do not eat dairy products and their calcium intake is low, it was around 300 milligrams per day, and their hip fracture rate 9 per 100,000 in population.

Physician Health Study is in progress against the men in the United States and other so-called epidemiological studies, population-based studies have found a definite relationship between consumption of dairy products with prostate cancer risk. So more and more dairy products are eaten by someone, higher risk of getting prostate cancer, and also the higher the risk of developing prostate cancer is malignant cancer.

And also there is a strong epidemiological evidence that consumption of dairy products associated with the risk of breast cancer in women.

There are many other conditions, for example, the rate of type 1 diabetes is highest in Scandinavian countries where consumption of dairy products is very high.

There are several studies that associated with the early introduction of cow's milk in the diet of children with increased risk of type 1 diabetes. Once you suffer from diabetes type 1 your going to inject insulin every day during your lifetime. And even if you wake up with a good condition, it may only be cut 10 years from your healthy life expectancy. So it's actually a serious condition.

For Crohn's disease and colitis, there was enough evidence to connect them with the consumption of dairy products. So John McDougall, the American doctor who has long supported on vegetable diet for health said that the milk is liquid meat! Do not think you can stop the meat and instead stick to dairy products and assume you'll make healthy changes in your diet. This is not true.

MC: People are also putting their health at risk when eating fish because fish absorb pollutants infinite human discarded into the sea.

Ms Chuter: Due to human activities, the oceans are now full of pollutants. And because of ocean currents, these contaminants flows away into the ocean, so any who live in the ocean is polluted by various substances such as methyl mercury, PCBs, and dioxins.

Now, mercury is a non-radioactive metals most toxic on the planet. He is a nerve poison which was strong. So that damage the nervous system, and infants and children particularly at risk for these major. He also affect reproductive health. It can cause miscarriage in women and low sperm counts in men. He causes of dementia in old age: extraordinary danger.

Women who eat fish more than twice a week had a number of mercury in the blood seven times more likely than women who rarely ate fish.

That's even worse for children. Children who frequently eat fish have 40 times the average national mercury contamination in their blood. The reason why there is a greater effect on children because their kidneys are very inefficient in removing mercury, so he piled up in their bodies.

Today people are encouraged to eat fish and eat fish for omega 3 oils. But in the process, they absorb the mercury that is one of the most dangerous substances for your nervous system.

Besides mercury, there is a PCB. Right now there is polychlorinated biphenyl. They cause cancer. PCBs also increase the toxic effects of mercury nerves, and dioxins that cause disruption to the endocrine system, hormonal system, nervous system, reproductive system.

Once again the children especially have a great risk of dioxin. And dioxins are located at very high levels in many fish species. So if you managed to avoid high mercury-contaminated fish, you may still be faced with a number of dioxins and PCBs.

MC: What Mother Chuter recommended as a source of omega-3 fatty acids are non-animal?

Ms Chuter: Because there is variation among people's ability to change the short-chain omega-3 fats from plant to the long chain DHA and EPA that we need. I actually recommend that vegans and vegetarians to eat EPA and DHA sourced from algae. In other words, it is actually marine algae that produce EPA and DHA that you get in fish and seafood in general. So the algae is the source. And algae can be grown in controlled conditions, so there is no contamination whatsoever.

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