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Prevent Holes in Children Teeth

Dental care is very important to start from childhood. One way is by paying attention to food intake. Consumption of sweet drinks and obesity is supposed to be the main cause of increased cases of tooth decay in children under five.

In a study of 65 children aged 2-5 years who received treatment cavities on their teeth, found 28 percent of children were overweight, even obese. Also known also 71 percent of children get the calorie intake in 1200 was higher than other children of normal weight.

"We suspect that lack of proper nutrition not only causes the child obesity, but also causes cavities. Unfortunately there is rarely research linking these two things," said Dr.Kathleen Bethin, director of pediatric endocrinology and diabetes from America.
He added that the results of research known generally there is no difference between the total calories consumed by the obese and normal children, but the problem is the selection of foods that diasup. For example too much consumption of sweet drinks or milk.

The main cause of tooth decay is an acid created by bacteria that exist in the oral cavity. Germs will produce acid when there is leftover food that contains sugar and flour, which is sticky on the teeth for a long time.

To avoid the holes in the teeth toddler, do not accustom children to drink milk from a bottle to fall asleep to sweet liquids will not be inundated teeth are too long. When the baby teeth begin to grow, teach children to brush their teeth. Do not forget, your child's teeth checked every six months.[]

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