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6 Healthy Tips for Fasting

Running fasting is an obligation for Muslims, but if judging from the health side behind the worship of the rite which is run every month this year, also saved a lot of benefits. But of course if it is run with the right rules and not arbitrary. How to combine worship and gain benefits for our health, our next run contributed six fasting healthy tips:

1. Do not Leave Sahur

Sahur is one of a series of religious fasting in Ramadan is highly recommended, in a hadith it is mentioned that "Rasulullah SAW said:" Sahur by you, because the meal, there is a great blessing. "Sahur Why is important for us that run fast?, Currently running fasting body not getting nutrition for about 14 hours. To so the body can perform the function properly, cells of the body requires nutrients and energy in sufficient quantities. For sahur menu should choose foods high in carbohydrate and protein, but avoid too much eating sweet things.

2. Do not Hold Fast Break

After a day of hunger and thirst, of course we are drained of energy, to restore the energy back, when breaking the fast eat simple carbs found in sweet foods. Foods that contain sugar instantly restore our energy drained all day. But try to avoid ice or a fizzy drink, because these types of drinks can make the digestive function normally.

3. Eat In Staged

Usually when I heard drum evening, without waiting for us instantly ate meals provided on the table. This is not a good pattern for health, after a long day does not fill our stomach and digestive organs a rest, you should not eat the meal directly in large quantities. When it is time to break the fast eat sweet foods, like the compote, or drink hot tea, rest a moment, you can use it to run a prayer break sunset while giving time to adjust our digestive organs. Only after praying you can go back to eating heavier foods such as rice and side-dishes. And after tarawih session resumed with a small meal or snack.

4. Do not Leave Sports

Running fast is not meant to stop the total exercise. Precisely fixed physical activity needed to maintain the smooth circulation of blood so that we can not easily sluggish. But for this business select mild exercise which does not require an excess of energy, such as jog or walk. We recommend that you do ahead of time breaking sports. Tarawih addition to worship as well as a means of maintaining physical fitness for the same time as performing tarawih by burning calories.

5. Enough Water Consumption

Water is a substance that is needed by the body. More than 60% of our body consists of water. To perform its functions properly every organ of our body needs water. Without enough water your body will experience interference. For that multiply drinking water for deposits in the body so that all organs function properly. The so-called water here is not only a form of white water, but also milk and tea are also included. Fulfilled so that the body needs, arrange for you to drink eight glasses of water before undergoing fasting tomorrow.

6. Emotion Control

Messenger of Allah said that fasting is not only hunger and thirst but also abstinence. In other words the purpose of fasting is to manage emotions, learn to be patient and try to draw closer to God. This psychologically affects us mentally, spiritually, by controlling emotions make our souls grow more healthy, and feel the closeness with God make our hearts peace.

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