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How to Prevent Kidney Failure

Title lecture "Prevent Kidney Failure, Prevention and Birds", intended for the general public lecture with an emphasis on prevention, but also no less important is the detection/early/early kidney disease.

In the first part of these lectures we underline a phrase: "Health is not everything, but without it everything is nothing", if not a healthy condition, then the patient through the eyes of the world around as if it looked bleak.

Kidney disease much can be chronic, thus finding better early on and overcome them so as not to be prolonged which caused huge losses.

Anatomy. Explained about the kidney with the length of 11-12 cm, 5-7 cm wide, 2.3 to 3 cm thick, about the size of a fist.

Formed by units of the kidney called the nephron are numbered from 1 to 1.2 million units in each kidney. Nephron units starting from the fine blood vessels/capillaries, is a filter called the glomerulus, the blood through the glomerulus/capillaries and is filtered so that formed the filtrate (which is still dilute urine) which amounts to approximately 170 liters per day, and then flowed through the pipe/channel called tubules.

Urine was poured out into the channel ureter, bladder, then out through the urethra.

Renal function. Kidney is the organ that has a lot of blood vessels (highly vascular) is basically the task was "filtering/cleaning" the blood. Blood flow to the kidneys was 1.2 liters/min or 1700 liters/day, blood is filtered into a liquid filtrate was 120 ml/minute (170 liters/day) to the tubules.

The liquid filtrate was processed in the tubules, and finally come out of the two kidneys into the urine as much as 1-2 liters / day. As a resume, kidney function is as follows: 1. Served as a system filter/strainer, discarding the "trash". 2. Maintain body fluid balance. 3. Production of hormones that control blood pressure. 4. Erythropoietin hormone production that helps manufacture red blood cells. 5. Activate vitamin D to maintain bone health.

Causes of Kidney Diseases.

1. General Illness/Systemic: Diabetes = Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, High Cholesterol - Dyslipidemia, SLE: disease Lupus, Immune Disease others, high uric acid - Hyperuricemia - Gout, infection in the body: lung (TB), syphilis, malaria, hepatitis , Preeclampsia, Medicines, Amyloidosis, a sudden loss of many search: diarrhea and vomiting, bleeding, burns.

The things mentioned above can result in disorders/diseases of the kidney.

2. Local disease of the kidney: Diseases of the filter (glomerulus) - glomerulonephritis, infections: bacteria - Pyelonephrits, Ureteritis, Stone: Talent /derivatives, in the process of renal disorders - Nephrolithiasis, Cysts: in the kidney - Polcystic Kidney, Trauma: impact, shock, malignancy - Cancer - malignancy, obstruction: a stone, a tumor, narrowing/stricture.

Collection of symptoms. There are a variety of kidney disease, so patients come to doctors with a variety of symptoms.

Here is the possibility of a patient with a collection of symptoms/syndrome of renal disease as follows:

1. Acute Kidney Failure: sudden kidney disorders, kidney function "drop", do not get out of urine. 2. Acute nephritis: a sudden illness in the kidney filter (glomerulus), face, leg swelling, blood protein found in urine.

3. Chronic Kidney Failure: Chronic disorders/chronic kidney so that the kidney function decreased. Al complaints & symptoms: weakness, appetite, nausea, pale, a little urine, shortness of breath.

4. Nephrotic syndrome: disorders of the kidney filter, severe leakage of blood proteins through the glomerular/filter into the urine, there is a swollen face - feet - tummy, cholesterol rises.

5. Urinary Tract Infection: an infection in the kidney - another urinary tract, can be chronic acute. Backache, fever, urinary pain, can only sore hip.

6. Disturbances in the renal tubules.

7. Hypertension: usually without symptoms.

8. Kidney Stone/Urinary Tract: severe colicky pain, blood in the urine.

9. Urinary Tract Obstruction: clogged urinary tract tumors, strictures/narrowing.

10. Kidney Disorders: but can no symptoms (asymptomatik).

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