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Contact Lenses 'Johnson & Johnson' Withdrawn

Giant in the healthcare industry, Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue contact lenses attractive product types use one day. This contact lens products sold in Japan, several European countries, and Asia. Withdrawal of Johnson & Johnson health products This is the ninth time the withdrawal in 2010.

Contact Lenses 'Johnson & Johnson' Withdrawn

Parties Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) explains, they received many complaints from users TruEye Acuvue brand contact lenses, who complained of pain and irritation of the eyes after using the contact lens.

However, JNJ says that until now there has been no reports of customers who suffer complications of visual impairment. "The risk of long-term health problems caused by contact lenses are very rare," said Gary Esterow, a spokesman for JNJ Vision Care.

He added that there were an estimated 100 000 boxes, each containing 30-90 contact lens problems. According to him, the problem occurs when contact lenses are manufactured in Ireland were rinsed. The majority of contact lenses which was drawn on sale in Japan and several Asian countries.

This year, JNJ has attracted some non-prescription drug products in the United States, including cold medicine for children and adults, as well as thousands of bottles of pain relievers. As a result, JNJ got a warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Congress.

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