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The phenomenon of People Experiencing Hypnosis

Actually in everyday life, without realizing we have experienced hypnosis. Precisely we have unwittingly hypnotized by something event or situation that we face.

"The most dangerous fact is that hypnosis is not recognized as a hypnotic," said Ariesandi Setyono, founder of the Indonesian Academy of Hypnosis. Examples of the phenomenon of people who experience hypnosis without realizing it, according Ariesandi, are as follows:

* Watching the show on television until dissolved, then without knowing it had to cry, go mad, go hate, participate annoyance, or to laugh.

* Obtain an unconscious lacerations, and a new feel when you're relaxing.

* When looking for something that goods can not see or find it, even though the goods are clearly present in his eyes (negative visual halusination).

* Occur drool at the thought of or heard people talk about lemon acid.

* Always make a mistake when he met with a certain issue.

* Always arising of anger, resentment, and hate it when considering a person.

* Dreams are perceived as true.

* Occur feeling sad or very sentimental when listening to certain songs.

* And so on and so forth.

Then what is the danger with hypnosis hypnosis the unconscious as that? According hypnotherapy teacher who wrote many best-selling books on this success, for example, is that the people who love to watch soap operas will suffer the same fate with the play-the play that saw.

Why is that? Because they absorb the same values that appear in the soap opera. (GHS/wid)

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