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Fasting Safe Trick For Elderly

Elderly people who have the disease (geriatric) many are the conditions so that the body does not fit can hinder the fast. But there are some tricks that can be done in order to secure fast.

This is geriatrics own understanding of elderly patients over the age of 60 years and has a disease problem. And sometimes the symptoms are not typical of emerging diseases.

"Old age is safe to fast if their health condition is stable, controllable disease, no acute infection and may be drinking regularly since open until dawn, without waiting for his thirst," said Dr. Kemala Nina sari. SpPD. K-Ger, not long ago like it was written Sunday (15/08/2010).

Dr. Nina tells the elderly person is usually a change of perception of thirst decreases, disruption of daily activities, slowing gastric emptying, decreased immunity ability, easy fatigue, weakness and confusion, a sense of isolation and of the teeth (many are missing).

"As long as there is no limit drinking, we encourage the elderly to drink 8-10 glasses a day without waiting for his thirst," he said.

Dr nina added to geriatrics who want to fast, there are some things that could dlakukan, namely:
Diet, Eating Pola:

1. When dawn should consume 40 percent of total calories daily.
2. When breaking the fast should consume 50 percent if the total daily beginning with light food and heavy meals after the evening prayer. We can consume open palm or a banana.
3. After tarawih can consume 10 percent of total daily calories.


1. Practice positive thinking.
2. Exercise patience.
3. Exercise restrain lusts.
4. Studying in depth the meaning of fasting.

Activity patterns

1. Range of motion exercises.
2. Exercise regularly.
3. Tall upright stance, because the blood flow better.
4. Soaking up the sun in the morning.
5. Get plenty of rest.

This suggests that elderly people could remain safely and fast if you have a chronic illness could not hurt to consult your physician first to determine the condition of his health.

What to avoid:
1. Avoid eating too much ice, because it can withstand a sense of satiety.
2. Limit fried foods and high fat.
3. When dawn limit consumption of tea or coffee and it is recommended to eat foods that are slow to digest and high in fiber.
4. Beware of the lack of fluids.

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