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Treating Disease with Fruits

In fact there are many paths to the city of Jakarta, is like nothing else so cane roots, and the outcome of which was obtained from sources Bima IPB several properties which are sometimes only know the shape and feel alone, may be useful and why choosing the juice?, Here are some fruits we can see its benefit in accordance with our needs, so long as not eating due to not knowing his usefulness, in general, one of which is:

- Improve endurance
- Lowering cholesterol
- Digestive smoothly
- The Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Cancer
- Accelerate the Healing Process
- Create Awaet Young

Some of the fruits in fact contain substances that can replace the nutrients from foods such as meat.


The combination of mineral salt content and pectin in apples, and organic acid content in spinach oksalik form a unique substance that meets the walls of the intestines and through the movement of chemicals ang strong but safe "release" the dirt that was in the large intestine that has been settled for days, months and months or even years. The content of pectin substances in apples are also able to lower cholesterol and triglycerides that interfere with cardiac function.

Juice Aple

Its main functions:
- Reduce your appetite
- Control blood pressure and blood sugar levels
- Cleaning up toxins in the gut


In calories, fats and oils high in it not only as a source of abundant energy required at the time of fasting, but also reduces cholesterol levels and maintain the flexibility of the muscles in the joints.

Avocado juice

Its main functions:
- Pat and tighten skin
- To assist the formation of red blood cells
- Prevents anemia


Soft banana flesh lining the walls of the stomach and intestines so that it can be a layer of anti-inflammatory. Bananas are very helpful for those who experience inflammation of the stomach or intestinal problems. Because the meat is very tender bananas, it is recommended not to be used as a juice.


The content of beta-carotene, pro-vitamin A, magnesium, manganese, zinc and chromium in the cantaloupe can reduce inflammation and restore tissue inflammatory bowel injuries. Natural sugars and enzymes contained cantaloupe has the function of absorption or absorption in the intestine caused by eating food in a hurry shingga not chewed properly, eating too much spicy food, drug deposition, or nausea due to excessive anxiety.


Orange juice contains vitamin C which is very good because in addition to stimulating the immune system, also eliminates obstruction of mucus in the throat, nasal cavity, lungs and abdomen. Also useful for cleaning the liver and relieve pain in the body caused by influenza. Mixture of lime juice and honey is very efficacious cure sore throat and tonsils. For those who have stomach upset, of course, choose oranges that are not too acidic.

Orange Juice

Its main functions:
- Fight infections
- Minimizing the risk of stroke and heart attack
- Overcoming the flu and fever

Date palm

High sugar content of dates to make a fruit palm which produces high energy. Even the Prophet Muhammad broke fast with just three points dates, of course, a high quality. Palm sugar content helps heal wounds. Exercise caution for those who have diabetes, do not consume too much of this fruit.

PAPAYA and mango

Mixture of papaya and mango juice contains high carbohydrates and enzymes. Fresh juice is useful in overcoming the swelling and inflammation, indigestion and fever. Mango juice itself can reduce dehydration and facilitate blood circulation. While papaya launched a bowel movement and overcome constipation.

Mango juice

Its main functions:
- Prevent body odor
- Disinfectants for cleaning the body and blood
- Rejuvenate cells

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