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Drinking Coffee Overcome Chronic Diseases

Recent research shows that coffee consumption effectively cope with various chronic diseases. However, to achieve the intended benefits, coffee consumption should not be arbitrary and must be of good quality and original.

Surip Mawardi, coffee and cocoa Indonesian researchers on the sidelines of the International Conference on Coffee Science, 2010 in Nusa Dua Bali states, based on the results of a recent study, coffee can overcome various kinds of diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and even bowel cancer.

From the latest research results, he added, also revealed that drinking coffee lifetime provide a neutralizing effect on heart health for its drinkers.

"It was based on data from recent meta-analysis of 21 prospective cohort studies conducted from 1996 to 2008 with a total of 15,559 cases involving 407,806 volunteers for the object of research," he explains.

It is said, the results also showed that the level of coffee consumption does not alter the risk of developing coronary heart disease. "Even with consuming less than two cups of coffee per day can reduce the pain of coronary heart disease," he explained.

The result of the study, said Surip, can confront the allegations that had been considered that drinking coffee harmful to health, especially heart and cardiovascular system.

On the other hand, Surip said a common approach to the study conducted by researchers are studying the effect of a single component in its coffee drinker's health. Then they draw conclusions from data obtained using the single compound.

Keep in mind, he continued, coffee is a beverage containing compounds that are very complex, consisting of more than 800 different components and interact with each other in this type of compound that stands alone.

"Currently, many medical and scientific evidence supporting the conclusion that drinking coffee with a normal portion between two to four cups per day with the content of caffeine to 100 milligrams per cup, is part of a balanced diet," he said.

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