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Eating Petai recommended at Menstruation

Many people avoid the petai and jengkol by reason of smell. But do not jump to avoid the foods on this one because it has extraordinary properties.

When eating petai, one type of grain it certainly remove sulfur gases that can cause bad smell in the mouth. However, it is unfortunate if you then decide to "allergic" to the petai.

Eating Petai
Petai actually contain good antioxidants and the amino acid tryptophan. Aminotriptofan acid form of serotonin in the body and make the body more relaxed, sleep better and maintain a stable mood.

At menstruation, also recommended as a good time to eat petai. This is because in the menstrual period often chaotic mood, and can be soothed with petai. Similarly, when you experience stress, serotonin is produced to create a tense nerves relax.

In addition, fiber-rich banana is a good antioxidant, because it contains vitamin B6 to regulate blood sugar levels and help relaxation. Iron contained in it is able to prevent anemia.

Unlike the case with jengkol. Instead should be limited if you want to eat them. Excessive consumption can be harmful to the kidneys because they contain acid jengkolat.

When the pH of the blood under normal circumstances, may still be safe. But if the pH started under seven, would be dangerous. Jengkolat which tends to be acid can form crystals that are not soluble in water. As a result, pain during urination.

In fact, it could be urine will contain blood due to a wound in the kidney due to the crystals. When you have this rapidly overcome by drinking soda and water as much as possible to neutralize the crystal. Then, immediately go to the doctor. (Tam)

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