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Food that makes you long life

If you want to stay fit and live longer, avoid abstain from food or eating only one food only. Consumption of food variety in your dish, especially the prevention of anti-inflammatory foods because it is the key to healthy living and longevity.

Similarly, according to research conducted by experts from Lund University, Sweden. They investigated the effects of consuming a variety of foods, especially those that have anti-inflammatory effects on health. Apparently, the more useful if we eat a variety of foods rather than eating them separately.

These types of foods recommended are foods that are high in low glycemic index (slow to raise blood sugar levels), foods high in antioxidants, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, foods high in fiber, and Cereal products intact.

The recommended consumption pattern is to combine a variety of food. "Drugs or foods with specific benefits that may only give an advantage. However, if we combine it with various other foods, many risk factors for preventable disease," said Professor Inger Bjorck, lead researcher.

In a study involving 44 people healthy, but suffer from obesity, the researchers studied the impact of diet on the body varies. After four weeks, people who eat a healthy variety of foods that have lower levels of bad cholesterol 33 percent.

Another benefit is the low level of inflammation in the body, namely the conditions that trigger the metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Meanwhile, cognitive function and memory increases.

In addition to variations in the type of food, food color variations are also advised to be part of the daily diet.

Experts long known that inflammation or inflammation is a major cause of chronic diseases and causes normal cells turn into cancer cells.

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