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Nipagin Preservatives in Soy Indomie

Healthy Food - Preservatives are suspected to be the cause of the withdrawal of instant noodles in Taiwan is Nipagin or methyl p-hydroxybenzoate. Preservatives are present in soy sauce included in the box instant noodles fried noodles in particular types.

"Substance nipagin preservatives used in artificial Indofood instant noodle sauce. But if the sauce is their use of other preservatives are benzoic acid. Of course, the content of preservative in Indomie has been determined eligible safe. In fact, it implies a long way below the threshold of acceptable body for consumption daily or ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake), "said Roy Sparingga, Deputy Food Safety POM, to, Monday (10/11/2010).

Use of Nipagin been arranged in the Minister of Health No. 722 of 1988 on food additives. When used in soy products, the use of the maximum limit is 250 mg per kg. In other foods, except meat, fish and poultry, the limit of use is 1,000 mg per kg.

From the review requirements in some countries such as Canada, the United States, the maximum limit allowed in food nipagin was 1,000 mg per kg. While in Singapore and Brunei Darussalam, the maximum limit of 250 mg per kg of soy sauce and in Hong Kong amounted to 550 mg per kg.

Based on data from the POM, to date, the number of products listed instant noodle in Indonesia is 663 items and 466 types of domestic items of foreign species.

In protecting public health, POM periodically conduct sampling and testing food products on the market, including instant noodle. POM agency heads Kustantinah sure, if all that beradar instant noodle product has no preservatives nipagin levels exceed specified limits.

"The test results, in the last five years, against which there is soy sauce in the instant noodle product, was not found that it contains nipagin that exceed maximum allowable limits," said Kustantinah.

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