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5 Variety to Prepare Broccoli | Healthy Food

5 Variety to Prepare Broccoli - Broccoli has long been regarded as one of the super food that saves tremendous health benefits. Green vegetables contain vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, and fiber. Eating vegetables regularly touted able to prevent the development of breast cancer, diabetes, colon cancer, stomach cancer, and various other diseases.

Healthy Food Broccoli
Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to eat broccoli. In fact, broccoli can also be a delicious dish if you have alternatives in how to acquire them. Here are some various ways of processing the broccoli that you can follow.

1. Mixed fried noodles. Saute broccoli and other vegetables mini size into the frying pan that has been heated, and enter into a bowl of noodles. Do not forget to enter the marinade seasonings. In addition, you can use chicken, tofu, or shrimp into it.

2. Fill tempura. Entering broccoli fried in hot oil into the tempura batter will thwart your intentions might get the health benefits of broccoli. But if you do this once in a while it feels will not be detrimental.

3. Salad vegetables. Using various types of lettuce for a salad would have been normal. Try to replace the lettuce with broccoli, and make a caesar salad with broccoli. Do not forget to give slices of chicken breast meat and crouton, then flush with your favorite salad dressing.

4. Bake the casserole. Want to vegetable menu that really different than usual? Bake the casserole broccoli with cheese, then serve with other side dishes. So as not too feel guilty, use fat-free mayonnaise and fat-free cream cheese when baked.

5. Fill baked potatoes. Like baked potato that you often enjoy in restaurants? You can make your own in a more healthy version. Enter the broccoli, bacon, and shredded cheese for stuffing into an already baked potato half-baked.

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