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Survived 3 Hours Without Heart Rate | It's Man

3 Hours Without Heart Rate - The heart of a British man 53 years old was stopped for 3.5 hours. But his life could be saved after a team of doctors perform chest compression (chest compression).

Arun Bhasin, the name of the man, found unconscious after she slipped on a slippery road in freezing temperatures late last December. He was known to slip and suffered wounds in the head. When rushed to the hospital, just know that he had a heart attack.

3 Hours Without Heart Rate
Cyroydon lucky he was taken to University Hospital, in south London, which is the second best hospital in England in the handling of the heart.

The doctors team who deal directly conduct business using the chest compression CPR machine-to-date, AutoPulse, which aims to restore the function of lung and heart.

"He was already dying because there was no heartbeat or pulse for 3 to 3.5 hours. Because it is a miracle, to see him conscious again, 'said Dr.Nigel Raghunath that handle him.

Cardiac pulmonary resuscitation (cardiopulmonary resuscitation/CPR) is a standard procedure for handling people who stop breathing. Without CPR, someone who stopped breathing only able to survive for a few minutes. Each year, millions of people died because of late to get medical assistance due to a heart attack.

Meanwhile, Bhasin who works as an engineer was deeply grateful for a chance to live again. "I am very lucky because handled by great doctors," he said.

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