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Breast Milk, Child Nutrition to Boost IQ

Breast Milk, Child Nutrition to Boost IQ - Establishing a healthy child, intelligent and a good personality is the desire of each parent. One important initial step to make it happen is breastfeeding with optimum quality and quantity.

Breast milk has long been known as the best nutrition in quality and quantity at the time of brain growth period when infants aged 0-6 months.

Child Nutrition to Boost IQ
Breast milk contains nutrients that have a specific function for the growth of the brain such as long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (DHA and AA) for growth of the brain and retina.

In addition, breast milk also contains cholesterol to maintain nerve tissue, taurine to neurontransmitter inhibitors and membrane stabilizers, lactose for brain growth, as well as koline which may improve memory.

For brain development, exclusive breastfeeding for six months is also good for preparing baby's digestive system. A recent study found evidence that babies who were breastfed for six months or more, especially boys, the achievement of its value much better in school when she was 10 years compared with children who regularly drank formula milk.

As reported by the journal Pediatrics, a researcher at the telethon institute for Child Health Research explained, breastfeeding should be promoted for both boys and girls because it contains many positive benefits.

In his research, Oddy and his associates saw the academic scores in children aged 10 years or more than 1,000 children whose mothers had been enrolled in a series of studies conducted in Western Australia.

After adjusting for factors such as gender, family income, maternal factors and early stimulation in the home, such as reading to children, they estimate the relationship between breastfeeding and educational outcomes.

Visible, infants who breastfeed for six months will have higher academic scores on standardized tests than those who breastfed less than six months.

Children have better value in mathematics, reading, spelling, and writing if they are breastfed for six months or more. Breastfeeding for six months for girls may not affect much and were not statistically significantly increase the value of reading in school. The reason for the existence of gender differences has not been clear until now.

Oddy speculated that the main benefits of breast milk affects on the brain and language development may have benefits greater for boys because they are more vulnerable during a critical period of growth.

"Numerous studies have found that more boys than girls viewed independent of maternal attention and encouragement to cognitive and language skills. If a breastfeeding mother and child to facilitate interaction, we would expect the positive effect of this bond is greater in men than with women, like our observations, "he said.

"Nutrients in breast milk is essential for optimal brain growth, such as long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is not in the formula,"the researchers

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