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Tips Overcome Hair Loss

Tips to Overcome Hair Loss - Hair loss through three stages. First is alopecia areata, a condition when the immune system starts attacking the hair root.

The second stage is total alopecia, when it started experiencing hair loss begins from the scalp.

The third stage is a universal alopecia, when someone loses all the hair from his body.

As reported by the, here are some tips to prevent hair loss:

1. Watch what you eat
Vitamin A, B, C and E are very important for the growth of new hair. Therefore, diligent eating foods rich in these four vitamins.

2. Stop smoking

The content contained in cigarettes is very bad for our body and can reduce the circulation of blood flow to the scalp that causes hair loss. This is a big challenge for the smokers. But if you want to come back healthy and strong hair, immediately make a selection.

3. Avoid direct contact with sunlight

Research proves that UV light can damage the scalp and prevent the growth of healthy hair.

4. Massage scalp regularly

Use olive oil and jojoba. The three types of oils can help grow new hair.

5. Shampoo made from natural

Never use a shampoo containing chemicals, or hair straightening and drying hair with hair dryer.

Hair dye products containing the chemical should also be avoided. Do not wash your hair with hot water, because it can cause hair to become brittle. [mor]

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