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Frayser high school | 90 girls pregnant at Frayser High School

Frayser high school - As Memphis City Schools leaders discuss the best way to deal with the crisis at Frayser High School, one young student is dealing with parenthood.

20% of the girls at Frayser High School in Memphis, TN are pregnant. This reporter attempts to get answers from this mother, but she does not seem to have any answers. The reporter suggest some kind of pregnancy pact, but that would imply some kind of plan. Do you really think these girls are planning anything? What can be done about this? The girl suggest some kind of class might help, but can that really stop teen pregnancy? Do shows like MTV Teen Mom glamorize teen pregnancy? Tell me what you think.

The Action News 5 Investigators recently discovered 90 girls who attend Frayser High School are now pregnant or have already had a baby this school year.

Frayser is in Memphis City School Board member Stephanie Gatewood’s district. The initiative will include after-school and in-school programs funded with grant money and run by a local nonprofit that already does some work for city schools.

Sutton’s two-month-old daughter, Camiya, keeps the 16-year-old Frayser High School student busy.

Sutton said she believes some girls are making agreements with each other to get pregnant.

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