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When Thirsty, Drink Tea

When Thirsty, Drink Tea
When Thirsty, Drink Tea - Who's thirsty? Maybe you should drink a cup of tea. Not only thirst that would disappear, the tea also contained a variety of healthful benefits.

"Drinking tea is actually better than drinking water. When the water only to replace lost fluids, tea double benefit, eliminating the liquid and also contains antioxidants," said Dr.Carrie Ruxton, nutritionist and researcher.

Antioxidants in tea, flavonoids, beneficial to reduce cell damage from free radicals. Some studies have even linked flavonoids with reduced risk of cancer and heart disease.

To get the content of antioxidants in tea, the British Nutrition Foundation recommends consuming 1-6 cups of tea per day, either green tea or black tea. Even so, those who are vulnerable anemia is not recommended to be too much to drink tea because tea can inhibit absorption of iron from food.

Although tea contains caffeine which can draw the liquid out, but according to Ruxton cup of tea, even coffee, will give the body more than the removal of water.

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