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Skin More Seamlessly With Fruits

Skin More Seamlessly With Fruits
Skin More Seamlessly With Fruits - Did you know that habit consume fruits and vegetables actually produce a double benefit, both for the health of body and skin?

Researchers from the University of Bristol found that the carotenoids or antioxidant compounds 'yellow and red' plays an important role to create a shiny skin. In a report published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, they mentioned that people who have skin glowing (glowing) usually have high levels of carotenoids in their bodies. Carotenoids can be found in fruits and vegetables such as peppers, spinach, mango, pumpkin, corn, apricots, tomatoes and melons.

"dark-colored fruit such as tomatoes, carrots, or moleon contains powerful antioxidants such as carotenoids which can make skin look shiny and healthy. Antioxidants also can protect the skin from the dangers of sun exposure," said nutritionist Paula Simpson.

Chief researcher, Dr.Ian Stephen said, people in Western countries usually do activities sunbathing to get a tan skin color. And by eating fruits rich in carotenoids, the results can be the same.

He explains, fruits and vegetables full of synergistic nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants that boost the production of new skin cells that are more healthy. "new skin cells are produced every five weeks and slowed down with age. If we are diligent in taking proper nutrition, skin cells will be healthier," he said.

Stephen pointed out, the colors bright and healthy in male plumage also originated from the same carotenoid antioxidants contained in fruits.

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