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Having White Teeth is Dream of Anyone

White Teeth is a dream of anyone, beside teeth function to chew the food also have other function, its as cosmetic, ya, because when anybody smile, teeth will appear, and one of attention to other is teeth, with white teeth some one looking more interesting.

White teeth, healthy teeth is a sign of good health. but unfortunately, color of teeth can change by our lifestyle, Our lifestyle can damage our appearance. so, keep healthy lifestyle.

Having White Teeth
Teeth can change by drink soda, chewing the cigarette, drinking coffee, and many other food Consumption. So many people back want get the white and shine teeth.

Method of tooth whitening can be done at the dental clinic with the help of a dentist. "The result is more durable and the colors can be 10 times brighter," said drg.Prita Widianti of Hilly Dental Salon.

After we done the teeth whitening at dental clinic, we must to continue it in our home. Actually we can whitening our teeth by buy product that provide in market, but don't know about content of product, so we must be aware.

One of safe and cheap way is by using toothpaste that contains bleach. "whitening toothpaste can also be used as one home care solutions for those who had received dental care in the doctor's beauty," said Prita.

Pepsodent, toothpaste products, introduce new product variants namely Pepsodent White Now. The advantages of this product is a new double gel containing unique blue foam that can be attached to the tooth surface and optical effects teeth look whiter.

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