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Children Also Need to Check Cholesterol

Children Also Need to Check Cholesterol - The high cholesterol level is the heart disease and blood vessel factors. So, for know, are our cholesterol controlled, here need to investigate periodically, include at the children.

children need check cholesterol
The recommendations contained in the latest guidelines for screening, diagnosis and treatment of high cholesterol due to heredity or familial hypercholesterolemia that causes the patient suffered a heart attack at a young age. High cholesterol levels are marked with the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL).

At children that have genetic with high cholesterol level are suggest to for doing the measure with blood test when was on 2 year old. But, commonly the children suggest to investigate his cholesterol when they was in 9-11 year old.

"It's important for us to know the history of high cholesterol in the family. Thus, early diagnosis could be due to healthier dietary changes really help lower the risk of chronic disease in the future,"
said Dr.Patrick M. Moriarty, researchers involved in manual This cholesterol treatment.

In the United States is estimated there are 600,000 people with the condition of hypercholesterolemia in the family and 20 percent have never checked out or get proper care.

In addition to diet and genetic factors, diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure and hypothyroidism also cause cholesterol levels to rise. However, in general, abnormal cholesterol levels are due to unhealthy food and lack of exercise.

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