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Benefit Mangosteen Fruit for Health

Did you know that the mangosteen fruit (mangostana Garnicia) is the fruit that comes from Southeast Asia. Benefit Mangosteen Fruit to health has long been recognized, because the mangosteen fruit is rich in the antioxidant content of mangosteen peel and fruit.

The first Benefit Mangosteen Fruit is to prevent the deadly disease. This is due to the mangosteen fruit contains xanthones substance. According to research xanthones substance is believed to overcome a deadly disease like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so on.

Substances contained in the mangosteen xanthone is also able to treat some types of cancer such as liver cancer, gastrointestinal, lung and other cancers. Benefit Mangosteen Fruit can also reduce high blood pressure, hypertension is the result of vascular disorders and the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Not only the mangosteen fruit, leather and even mangoosteen has efficacy as well. Mangosteen fruit is nutritious for the skin-cancer, antioxidants and tackle coronary heart disease, and HIV. Antiproliferasi mangosteen peel extract is a function to inhibit cancer cell growth and as a destroyer of nature apotosis of cancer cells. Xanthones in mangosteen peel too powerful to overcome the disease tuberculosis (TB), asthma, leukemia, inflammatory, and antidiarrheal.

Other Benefit Mangosteen Fruit are: to fight free radicals in our bodies, because of the mangosteen fruit contains catechins. Consume mangosteen fruit as a food supplement every day, will get more antioxidants than any supplements offered in medicine.

Also in the mangosteen fruit contains alpha-mangostin and gamma-maostin that are as antibacterial. The effectiveness of alpha-magodtin have the same effectiveness as good as antibiotics that are in the market such as amphicillin and minocycline.

Thus this brief article about the Benefit Mangosteen Fruit, may be useful for us all. Good luck

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