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7 Benefits Papaya Leaves

Benefits Papaya Leaves - Papaya is best tree. All part of papaya have benefit to cure some diseases. Starting from the root stems, leaves of papaya until fruit. Below I will present some parts that are benefits from papaya leaves.
7 Benefits Papaya Leaves

Here are some benefits of papaya leaves

1. Benefits of Papaya Leaf help facilitate breastfeeding.
Take 3 pieces of papaya leaves, squeeze the leaves, put over the fire until wilted, in warm surroundings immediately put on the breast. Never at the nipples.

2. Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Acne Medication.
For those who are not confident to have facial acne. Especially women who always want to look beautiful, you can treat it is to make a mask.

How to make papaya mask: take 2-3 papaya leaves / about 30g of old. Then in drying until wilted, then puree. Add a half tablespoon of water / 30cc, then could create a mask to treat acne. Better still young papaya latex apply on the acne.

3. Benefits digestion papaya
Papaya leaves contain a chemical compound karpain. Substances that can kill microorganisms that often interfere with digestion.

4. Benefits of papaya leaves to increase appetite.
For those of you who are fussy eaters. Please take the fresh leaves and the size of your palm, add a bit salt and half a cup of warm water / 200cc, Mix and blend. Then strain the water add 2 tablespoons of honey and stir in warm dining. made again to return to normal appetite appetite.

5. Benefits of Papaya Leaf to treat dengue fever
Who would have thought that papaya is also able to cure the symptoms of dengue fever. Try to take five young leaves. Add half liter of water, and boil until only three quarters of it, add a bit salt, 2 tablespoons honey. drink while still warm.

6. Treat Menstrual Pain
In ancient times when women before menstruation frequently use to treat menstrual pain. Take 1 young leaves, add tamarind and salt. Then mix with a glass of water / 250 cc and boiled. take the water and add 2 tablespoons honey, stir. Wait until cool, drink

7. Benefits of papaya leaves as an anti cancer
It is still uncertain, but from several studies that the benefits of papaya leaves can also be developed as anti-cancer. Actually, not only the leaves but also stems papaya can be used. Since both have milky latex.

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