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How To Relieve Stress Without Drugs

How To Relieve Stress Without Drugs - Stress is the most common disease suffered by people who are busy with their lives. Both in the world of work, romance, family and social life. If you belong to one of them, please read the following tips to relieve stress.
How To Relieve Stress

How To Relieve Stress Without Drugs

1. Read books
Read the book not only makes us stop thinking about the problem, but also makes us seem to go into a new world that is being read. Read at night is an activity that is recommended. A bedroom is a place that is warm, comfortable, and peaceful.

2. Sitting in the Park
If you are observant, actually quite a lot of "Oasis" small around us. Other than in the area of housing, small green gardens is also pretty much scattered around offices. Take about 5 minutes to sit to enjoy the fresh air.

3. Viewing photos
Look around the back of the photo album is a fun event releases the stress that is cheap and effective. Imagine yourself back in the happy event and feel the sensation.

4. Take a pause
When the emotions have been unable to stem, diverting your attention for a moment to focus on something new. For example, looking into the window, drink hot tea, or notice the tree is blown by the wind. Let your imagination free for a moment.

4. Walk or exercise
Physical activity is a healthy way to release stress because it can trigger the anti-stress hormones. Take a few minutes every morning or after lunch for walking.

5. Meditation
Every activity that could make our attention keep calm and focus already can be called as meditation. Such as: needlepoint, writing, sewing, or sit quietly. Do time 5-10 minutes every day and feel the stress levels decreased.

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