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Eat Eggs Can Prevent Heart Disease

Eat Eggs Can Prevent Heart Disease - Most of us would love to eat the eggs. Healthy food ingredients is increasingly feared many people because it is considered a source of cholesterol. It is true that one grain of chicken egg yolk contains 213 mg cholesterol, but the white part does not contain cholesterol. While the daily cholesterol consumption in the limit of 300 mg. for that reason, the egg intake should be limited indeed.

But in the right amount and not excessive, the egg can take care of your health. Here's some of the benefits:
Eat Eggs Can Prevent Heart Disease

Eat Eggs Can Prevent Heart Disease

Maintain Heart Health
The consumption of eggs in the safe limit be healthy for your heart. Omega-3s that contained in eggs can decrease cardiovascular health problems (heart and blood vessels), offered by Nutraingredients. Eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids contain saturated fatty acids are good for heart health.

Maintain Skin Firmness
The firmer skin is supported by a good protein. If you want to have a skin smooth, toned and youthful, consuming the eggs could become a natural way. Everyone needs 45 grams of protein per day. Whereas one medium-size eggs already has 8 grams of protein.

Maintain Eye Health
Egg yolks not only contain cholesterol as believe by many people. In the yolks, there are deposits of lutein. Lutein can improve the health of the eyes. It is excellent if you each and every day working in front of a computer or laptop.

Boost Brainpower
Did you know, in 50 gram chicken egg, contains choline as much as 26.5 percent. Choline is an important compound and can play an active role in improving the ability of the brain, as reported by Whfoods.

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