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Hypertension Suffered by Young People

Hypertension Suffered by Many Young People - Hypertension or high blood pressure is a disease that often get in peoples with the growth of age. But, know hypertension disease more suffered by young man. In America about 1 from 5 adult from 35 year old get hypertension disease.

Hypertension disease
Because it does not have any symptoms, many people don't give attention to this disease. Whereas Hypertension disease have close relation to heart disease, kidney failure, stroke, and heart failure.

The research that hold by National Institute of Health America to 14.000 adult peoples that old between 24-32 year old, here they found 19 percent of respondents suffered from high blood pressure.

The cause of hypertension is generally difficult to determine and this situation associated with a history of hypertension in the family. That is why habits blood pressure checked regularly is a good habit for health.

Although hypertension drugs advancing, primary hypertension therapy always begins with lifestyle modifications that include dining arrangements, avoiding excessive salt intake, and exercising regularly. If efforts are not successful nonfarmakologis, used new hypertension drug.

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