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Recognize Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer now become one of the disease with high level chronic. Prostate cancer is the leading cause of death, from cancer for men over the age of 74. To that end, needs to be recognized and anticipated the disease early.

Recognize Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
In Indonesia, if it has been handled since the early stages, life expectancy could reach 70 percent. Meanwhile, in the West, which is 90 percent better. If you've reached the advanced stage, in many cases, the life expectancy of only 50 percent. In 5 years, patients will die, he said in Media Education titled Beware Recognize and Prostate Cancer, held Sanofi Group and ISUO, Saturday.

The symptoms of diseases and disorders including prostate cancer patients are often awakened at night to urinate, a day can urinate up to 8 times and a gush of urine is weak or not complete. Continuation of symptoms, blood appears in the urine or semen, erectile dysfunction, and pains in the spine.

Handling of prostate cancer, according to dr. Aru Wisaksono, SpPD, an oncologist from the University of Indonesia, currently using a multidisciplinary approach or comprehensive. To that end, treatment of prostate cancer is now also involves the science of oncology. "Unlike the past, now there are drugs, eg chemotherapy. However, it is very important for early detection melakuka," he said.

Chemotherapy treatment is mainly carried out against prostate cancer patients who have advanced stage, which spread to the spinal cord. In this condition, sufferers usually experience tremendous pain in the spine and hip. Chemotherapy treatment serves to reduce the pain, so at least improve the quality of life of sufferers.

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