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15 Best Food Sources of Vitamin K

15 Best Food Sources of Vitamin K - 15 Food Sources of Vitamin K. Vitamin K there are several kinds. Chemical structure there are three forms: vitamin K1 (filoquinon), vitamin K2 (menaquinon), and vitamin K3 (menadion). The function of vitamin K which is against diabetes and prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin K beneficial to slow formation of cancer cells in the lungs and in the liver. Thus, vitamin K is very beneficial for the body.

Vitamin K is produced in gut. It is produced from bacteria in intestines, so it is not necessary specifically the daily consumption of food containing vitamin K. Still, to meet the daily needs of Vitamin K intake from outside, ie: food. Well here is a source of food that contains a lot of vitamin K.
Best Food Sources of Vitamin K

15 Best Food Sources of Vitamin K

1. Kiwi
Kiwi fruit - contains 2 times the vitamin C than citrus fruit - it also contains vitamin K. The content of vitamin K in kiwifruit at 100 grams is 40.3 mcg. Or equivalent to 10% of the daily amount of vitamin K needed by the body. Among other benefits as a good antioxidant, rich in beta carotene or maintaining eye function, and eliminate digestive problems.

2. Avocados
The content of vitamin K in the dose of 100 grams of avocado are: 81 mcg, equivalent to 36% of vitamin K in the body on a daily basis. avocados can lower cholesterol itself, lowering the risk of heart disease, is also able to maintain the quality of care.

3. Grapes
Vitamin K at a dose of 100 grams of grapes are: 22 mcg or the equivalent of 21% of vitamin K daily. The grapes are helpful for healthy kidneys and treat gout. It can also reduce blood sugar that can treat diabetes and pancreatic healthy. Grapes can also increase blood flow, so improving blood into the heart. So that could prevent someone from having a heart attack.

4. Blueberries
Although blueberries grown in North America, but has to be found in Indonesia. Fruit blueberries for antioxidant benefits. And can also as an anti-inflammatory. Because inflammation inhibits blood flow to the brain can cause problems and also lead to heart disease.

5. Asparagus
The content of vitamin K in 100 grams of asparagus is 416 mcg. Levels high enough compared to the above fruits. The benefits of eating asparagus among other things: prevents anemia, keeping blood pressure remained stable, as a diuretic, to overcome allergic skin disorders and many others.

6. Broccoli
The nutrients in vegetables are broccoli 100 gr: 155.20 mcg. The benefits of eating broccoli is: low fat, low calorie, and high in potassium. Even the content of calcium in broccoli is equivalent to one glass of milk.

7. Sawi
Posed benefits if consumed mustard is able to ward off various cancers, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and bladder cancer. The study of the benefits of mustard has been developed in the United States and documented to reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 40%.

8. Spinach
Spinach is a vegetable is beneficial for reducing risk of stroke, reduce risk of anemia, and even anti-cancer and anti-oxidant.

9. Lettuce
Leaf lettuce is usually used for vegetables. If you've ever eaten in a restaurant such as a fire burns, it will get this lettuce. Unfortunately certainly not up to the dose of 100 grams for every dish in the house to eat. If you want, you can buy your own.

10. Cauliflower
Cauliflower commonly called cabbage. Cauliflower also has many cultivated in Indonesia, despite the fact that this plant originated from Europe. Cultivation so numerous in West Java. The content of vitamin K in 100 g cauliflower is 125 mcg.

11. Beef liver
Beef liver can be found anywhere. As for the content of vitamin K per 100 grams is 7 mcg. Need to watch out for is if the liver is usually not appropriate constituency contains many heartworms.

12. potato
The content of vitamin K in potato itself is 2 micrograms per 100 grams of potatoes. Consume too much can lead to obesity.

13. peas
Legumes itself does not come from Indonesia. Because brought by the Dutch colonization. Beans are quite popular in Europe during the colonial era or the 1700s. Because peas including beans with lifetimes in the sub-tropical, now peas encountered in more modern than traditional supermarkets.

14. Soybeans
Soybeans are nuts asia, because since the first raw material for a wide variety of typical food asia is soybeans. Such as tofu, tempeh, are processed foods from soy. Moreover, many variants of foods derived from soybeans in the form of recipes.

15. cabbage
As for the cabbage itself per 100 grams contains half the daily requirement of vitamin K. Cabbage is actually similar to cabbage, leaves utilized.

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