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Benefits of Banana for Health

Benefits of Banana for Health | Benefits of bananas. This uniquely shaped fruit actually has a lot of health benefits. Bananas have several types, depending on the shape and taste, and his name also varies depending on the region. Usually bananas are often served as a dessert dish meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. The texture of banana pulp is soft and sweet taste is characteristic of a banana, so many people who love this fruit because of the benefits of bananas very much.

Benefits of Banana for Health

There are several benefits of bananas are good for our health, are as follows:
  • As a source of energy, because a banana is one fruit that is easy to digest. Sugars found in bananas is converted into a source of energy for our bodies.
  • Bananas can be a cure bowel disease and abdominal pain. The trick is to mix the bananas with liquid milk.
  • Can regulate our body weight. By eating four bananas and a glass of milk a day 3 times a week.
  • As a source of calories.
  • As the blood booster.
  • Treating liver disease.
  • Can overcome the problem of constipation.
There are so many benefits of bananas for us. By eating a banana every day on a regular basis will certainly nourish our bodies and keep us from various diseases

Benefits of Bananas For Pregnant Women

Banana was also very beneficial to the development of a pregnant mother. Benefits of bananas is the development of the baby in the stomach, because it contains folic acid which is readily absorbed through the womb the fetus us. However, it is advisable not to eat bananas in excess, as in a banana has a lot of calories, ie: 85 - 100 calories.

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